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  1. Denny Packard
    April 14, 2019

    This article needs to quote the New Testament Scriptures about circumcision, especially verses from Acts 15 and Galatians 5.


  2. Dagmar Rehak
    April 19, 2019

    Foreskin amputation destroys sexual life and is the reason why many women don’t come during intercourse.


  3. Ken Williams
    June 19, 2019

    The Old Covenant ( and it’s laws including Circumcision) was made with a specific people( Israel-not Gentiles , See Gen 15-17, Acts 15 )for a specific time (until Christ came See Galatians 3) The Old Covenant is now obsolete( Hebrews 8:13) Christ has inaugurated a New Covenent with new laws built on better promises ( Hebrews 7-10) For Christians to Circumcise would be like saying Christ never gave us a New Covenant and that they would rather be under the Jewish (obsolete) Old Covenant. Christians have believed that Christ’s finished work has abolished the practice and even made it reprehensible, just as animal sacrifices are now reprehensible. To circumcise without reason violates the biblical view of the human body. Since, God created the body and the foreskin has functions, If we then cut it off for purely cosmetic reasons ( as Circumcision is not required by God or has any medical benefits )  then, in my opinion it raises some serious ethical problems…The only people in the NT who were telling Christians or recommending that Christians get circumcised (and by doing so become Jewish ) were the false teachers..

      “Now see how great a sacrilege it would be , after the arrival of [ Abraham’s] seed, to still impose on one’s flesh a sign of his Circumcision. No, in fact according to the truth written beforehand, undertaking Circumcision is the profession that his seed is being expected. Whoever is Circumcised professes that he is expecting that the seed that was promised to Abraham would come, even if not by knowledge, but nevertheless by that sign. But he, namely Christ, has already come, has already been born, and since he has been given as a blessing to all nations the truth of God has been fulfilled. Therefore whoever is still circumcised denies that he has come, the one he pronounces by such a sign that he is expecting to come, and for this reason he denies that the one who has already come is the Christ. Rightly and truly therefore the Apostle says: if you are Circumcised , Christ will be of no benefit to you.” Rupert Tuitiensis. De Trinitate, 5.31


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